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  • ZX Spectrum 4 .net - Free ZX Spectrum Emulator
  • Z80 emulation, Sound and Screen memory
  • Load saved programs, games and tape files
  • Capture screen shot
  • Dump and load memory state
  • Supported file formats sna z80 tap tzx wav
  • Free fun

    More Info Please visit Website


  • VideoCTRL - Video control component for software developers
  • Webcams in your applications in seconds.
  • List connected devices by real name e.g. "Logitech: QuickCam"
  • View multiple live sources in a single window.
  • Capture, Watch video, Audio, Images - bmp jpg - mpg avi
  • Motion Detection, track movement / objects - CCTV / Security
  • Reduce code and Save valuable development time, 100's hrs already ! ! !
    All of these can be acheived in just a few lines of code whilst still maintaining
    complete control in your software!!

    More Info Please visit VideoCTRL Website


  • Tortoise Diary - Written under Hobby & Interests category
  • Help Diagnose Health and Condition
  • Record Notes and Images
  • Security, Add Microchip and Photo ID
  • Visually Track Tortoise Growth
  • Gauge Hibernation Readiness
  • All Known Living Species
  • Export to Spreadsheets and Databases
  • Plot Graphs to Images JPG, BMP
  • Generate Webpages for each Tortoise
  • Now for Unlimited Tortoises!

    For More Information please see the Tortoise Diary Website.

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